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Affiliate Programs

Our Time Management System and Project Management Software products define the standard for excellence in time and project management efficiency. DOVICO offers these unique affiliate programs designed to increase your revenue and encourage repeat usage of your website, services or software. It's easy to sign-up for our affiliate programs, and best of all, it's FREE.


DOVICO Software offers any qualified business the ability to be a reseller of DOVICO Software products and services (* certain conditions apply). This traditional retail minded program allows any store/retail outlet to sell DOVICO software over the counter or through a distribution network. Supply our Time Management Software directly through your store, retail outlet, or other means of distribution to create additional customer loyalty and income.

Partner Request Form (PDF)


Become a DOVICO discount code affiliate and get paid when your visitors order our Time Recording Software using your discount code (* certain conditions apply). Your clients save money ordering directly from DOVICO, and you make a percentage of the total order. We offer several options to easily integrate into your site, encourage repeat usage and stickiness of your website. This in turn helps you to realise additional revenue. Put DOVICO's discount code on your site or release the code to your clients by email and watch the money roll in! DOVICO discount code gives your visitors a real discount on solid time-proven products.

* Please Note: Upon acceptance of this program, your company will receive a discount code by email that may be used immediately for your client purchases.

Partner Request Form (PDF)


This special partnership is offered only to selected existing clients who have demonstrated their expertise as a leader in their particular industry or field. Direct feedback from these clients are created through multiple mechanisms to gather product suggestions/improvements to be considered directly by the project manager responsible for that particular product. These clients assist DOVICO in planning solutions that meet the needs of our other clients within their industry sectors. This partnership must be offered by DOVICO senior personnel only, and is not available to the general public.

* Please Note: This partnership includes, at no charge, the one year maintenance plan.

Become a DOVICO affiliate today and start earning additional income, and improve your customer loyalty.

Partner Request Form (PDF)


This special partnership program is offered only to selected corporations who have demonstrated their product and/or software expertise in a particular related industry or field. These companies work directly with DOVICO programming staff in combination with other DOVICO technical support resources to create a linking product/service or software.

DOVICO works jointly with your company in your marketing efforts to increase this new integrated product and/or service awareness once the integration has been completed. Besides offering direct marketing to DOVICO existing clients, joint marketing efforts may also be done through a variety of co-op advertising through such media outlets as the web, print, radio, television etc.

* Please Note: This partnership includes, at no charge, our software and all components licensed to 15 users and the one year maintennace plan which provides free technical support and upgrades.

Partner Request Form (PDF)