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Benefits - Project Planning

Dovico Module: Project Planning and Resource Scheduling - has been designed to bring project planning, resource utilization and time tracking together like never before. This project planning and forecasting solution allows managers the ability to easily determine the duration and cost based on resource availability. Get real time data such as who is being over or underutilized while ensuring that your top employees are working on the mission critical projects. This all in one package includes the timesheet component.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Project managers want to be aware if they can bid on a project, how much will it cost and how long will it take.
  • Make sure your proposed project plan is accurate and profitable.
  • Know which of your employees are being under/over utilized.
  • Affirm that your best talent is working on your mission critical projects.
  • Save time and costs with our innovative product that unites project planning and resource utilization.
  • Reduce project overruns with our project forecasting tool to proactively fix any issue.
  • Shorten billing cycles and get paid sooner.
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget.
  • Easily shift project priorities with our resource reassignment tools.
  • High employee adoption with our intuitive time tracking solution.

Resource Availability and Prioritization

  • See which of your resources are busy and when they will be available
  • Create "what if" scenarios with existing employees and/or placeholders
  • See which projects your resources are working on and if they are working on the high priority projects
  • Easily move an employee from one project to another
  • Set employee's working time and vacation settings to accurately schedule a project's work

Project Planning & Forecasting

  • Plan a project's work, timeline and costs based on when resources are available
  • Resource levelling functionality to enable managers to continually adjust plans
  • Forecast project costing based on employee availability and wages
  • Compare a project's current plan against the project's progress when time and other project plans are considered

Project Tracking & Performance

  • Log on any time to monitor team progress and efficiency
  • Monitor progress by tracking actual and budgeted hours
  • Baseline comparisons and real time project statistics and reporting
  • View summary budget vs. actual statistics at any assignment level (client, project, task or employee)